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DigiCorpus develop systems, that increase the quality of training and rehabilitation, both in professional training facilities, and in the individuals's own home, thereby improving quality and management of personnel resources.

In order to meet the highest clinical standards DigiCorpus has completed a pilot study in cooperation with University of Copenhagen, which concluded that home training with DigiCorpus Home Trainer, can partially replace group training. 

Our solutions optimize rehabilitation and support prophylactic training for chronic patients. Training adherence and quality is increased through simultaneous, personalized feedback.


Diagnoses -Knee, Back, Shoulder & Cardio

- In relation to helping patients, our solutions are relevant to many different diagnoses requiring both pre-operative training and rehabilitation, such as:

Orthopedic surgery (Knee and Hip Replacement, or Arthroscopic Meniscectomy).

Disc Herniation or Protrusion, Spinal Stenosis and the like.

Shoulder - Reconstruction Procedures, such as Lligaments reconstruction and and similar diagnoses.

Cardio Vascular Conditions - (Lung, Heart and Circulation) - Patients with COPD, Hypertension, or those in rehabilitation due to cardiac surgery.


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Advantages for Patients - Patients can perform exercises both at home, and in rehabilitation or activity centers, with direct feedback on the screen, both during and after exercises. This enables a high level of self-monitoring.

Advantages for Health Personnel - The therapist is provided with tools that enable personalized treatment. Some users are able (and prefer) to train at home and at their leisure. Thus, human resources can be used to assist users with special needs.

Advantages for Municipalities, and Economic Benefits - Significant economic benefits can be achieved. DigiCorpus’ solutions will improve both the quality and quantity of training, and optimize human resources to meet user needs at the same time. Treatment is more focused, and treatment time is reduced, when users are motivated to perform training exercises with the recommended frequency, andincreased quality of training. Sick payments and benefits can be optimized through possibly shorter courses of treatment. In addition, transportation costs can be reduced.


Influence on Form and Content - Experience Groups

Our development plans, which extend several years into the future, incorporate our customers' continual input, from Experience Groups, wtih regard to design and content, into our products.


Contact - Business Cases

We help develop concrete business cases for your municipality, region or state. DigiCorpus solutions are also available for on-site testing and review. Please contact:




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