DigiCorpus develops systems, that improve the quality of training and rehabilitation, both in professional training facilities, and the end-user's own home. This enables the allocation of resources among target groups with greater needs.


Management and Ownership

DigiCorpus Ltd. was founded in 2012 and is owned by

Claus Lorents Sorensen, CEO

M.Sc., E-MBA LinkedIn

International experience in the fields of Management, Business Development, Logistics, Sales and Finance.


Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Development Director

Computer Scientist, Ph.D. LinkedIn

Research in Computer Vision.


Jon Sporring, Research Director

Computer Scientist, Ph.D. LinkedIn

Research in Bio-Imaging.



DigiCorpus develops solutions that enhance the quality of training, both at the training facility, and the user's home. This frees up resources for use where they are needed most.



DigiCorpus' mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute computer-based welfare technology that helps the user achieve simple, rapid and smooth rehabilitation, both in rehabilitation centers and their own homes.



Based on this mission, DigiCorpus' vision is to develop comprehensive rehabilitation technology, welfare technology and telemedicine solutions, worldwide.


R&D Philosophy

Co-Creation in the Long Term:

Long-Term, Research - Our long-term development perspective, draws on the latest research and innovation in this area, thereby ensuring DigiCorpus market leader status. (Read more about our research in Technics).

Co-Creation "We find solutions together" - Our own long-term development strategy, regularly incorporates customers input and ideas as to the form, content and ease of use of our systems, compared to the very specific needs of daily life.



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