The DigiCorpus DashBoard

Quick and Easy Overview via Internet Browser

- Use together with the DigiCorpus Home Trainer, the DigiCorpus Center Trainer, or for printing out exercise programs, - comprising more than 585 exercises.

The DigiCorpus DashBoard, pictured above, can accessed via any Internet Browser at the web-address:


The Health Professional's DashBoard - The DigiCorpus DashBoard is available on any device with a browser - smartphone, tablet or computer - and provides a quick overview of the user's exercise data. DigiCorpus Dashboard immediately updates the training program on the user's DigiCorpus Home Trainer via the internet connection.

Extensive (and continously expanding) Exercise Database - Exercise programs consist over 150 exercises, selected and developed in close cooperation with the therapist, and other health professionals.

Data Security and Protection - DigiCorpus guarantees that data is stored on 'safe-haven' servers.

Continuous Updates - The DigiCorpus Dashboard and DigiCorpus Home Trainer are continuously updated with new exercises


Print Training Programs and Training Logs

Print Exercise Program - Once the userprofile has been created and the exercise program has been selected, it can easily be printed and handed-out to the user, thereby saving the cost of online exercise and training databases.

Example of a printed Exercise Program

Print Exercise Program Logs– It’s quick and easy to print the exercise program log, for use as a file attachment in a health care system, or as a hand-out to the user, in reference to healthcare conversations.

Example of a printed Exercise Log


Quick start

Create a new end-user profile in less than 1 minute - DigiCorpus DashBoard is optimized for busy work life, demanding for tools and systems to be quick and easy to operate:

  1. Create a user profile
  2. Select exercise program
  3. Hhand out a Home Trainer

For Personnel

Therapists receives tools that enable personalized treatment. Some users can (and prefer) training in own homes at their leisure. Hereby, human resources can be used for users with special needs.

It takes less than 1 minute to create new end-user profile and to select a template with predefined exercises. You can add titles of your own chooice - e.g. "Knee Class 1", "ACL pre-op".

Monitoring users exercised performance in their own homes - When a user has performed the daily exercise program at home, the therapist is enabled to monitor:

  • If user is training
  • If user is training correctly
  • And if user is experiencing pain



For End-users

Users can perform exercises at home and in rehabilitation or activity centers with direct feedback on the screen - both during exercises and after performing exercises. This provides high degree of self-monitoring services.


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