The only virtual solution with clinical documentation

DigiCorpus develops digital tools to improve the quality of the exercises at the Clinic (Center Trainer) as well as at home (Home Trainer). This increases the quality and allows for an efficient use of personnel resources.



Our solutions include over 250 exercises in the following areas:

  • Activity exercises
  • Knee exercises
  • Back exercises
  • Shoulder exercises
  • Cardio training


Benefits - Increased health and improved economy

Benefits for the customer - The customer can perform the exercises at home, at the clinic or activity center, with direct feedback during and after the training. This ensures optimal self-monitoring.

Benefits for the physiotherapist - The therapists can offer their patients a higher degree of individual care. Some patients may want and prefer to train at home. This will free up human resources for the benefit of patients with special needs.

Economic advantages - The clinic or health insurance company will achieve considerable economic benefits. The treatment is tailored to the individual and his / her life situation. Transport costs can be reduced and treatments can be shortened as the patient is motivated to train at the recommended frequency and with improved quality. Health cost can overall reduced.

Thus, the possibilities for DigiCorpus solutions are substantial. Patients can be offered flexible rehabilitation, with a minimum of interference with their daily life.

Clinical Evidence - Home Trainer substitutes Group Training

In order to meet the highest clinical standards, DigiCorpus has conducted a pilot study in cooperation with University of Copenhagen

Conclusion: Home Training with DigiCorpus Home Trainer, can partially substitute group training



Let us assist you in calculating your business case

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Improved Economy

By enabling the clinic to serve multible clients a the same time, using the same number of, ir fewer, personnel, DigiCorpus' solutions improve the clinic's revenue base.

Patients and other individuals residing in sparsely populated areas, where transport to and from training facilities can be a challenge, will be provided the option to train in their own homes, using DigiCorpus instant feedback and self-monitoring. In addition, training is monitored by qualified personnel.


While DigiCorpus takes responsibility for continous development and innovation, the customer feedback and input we receive from Experience Group Meetings and other sources, is invorporated systematically.

Sector Transitions

Our solutions support transitions between the primary and secondary sectors, and from public treatment, to treatment in the private sector, by documenting efforts, training progression, and pain level in the rehabilitation process.

This results in more coherent, and better-coordinated processes.


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