Training, Certification and Implementation

Ensuring Confidence and Clarity

An important prerequisite for success in the implementation of new tools is ensuring the involvement of all relevant parties.

Based on our business packages, which are prepared for all of our solutions, relevant performance goals are formulated. We run a phased deployment model, thereby providing overview, and security.

A number of key staff members are designated as super users. They will train current and future colleagues in the use of DigiCorpus solutions .


On completing the introductory course, health professionals are issued a certificate -  in order to ensure that the information has been received and applied. 


We have in-house management consulting experience and use documented implementation processes, in securing positive results for all stakeholders.  


Our Business Packages model helps formulate intial goals and we help documenting the achieved results.


Target Groups

We employ certification tools as part of our implementation process in

  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals
  • Private Physiotherapy Clinics
  • Health Clubs
  • Companies

For Personnel

The therapist is provided with tools that enable personalized treatment. Some users can (and prefer to) train in their own homes at their leisure. Hereby, human resources can be directed toward users with special needs.


Business Cases

Significant economic benefits can be achieved. DigiCorpus solutions improve the quality, and optimize the quantity of training. At the same time treatment can be steamlined to fit the user's needs and life situation.

We help develop concrete business cases for your municipality, region, state or clinic. Our solutions are also available for on-site testing and review. Please contact:


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