The DigiCorpus Performance Trainer

Members Train with Feedback – without a Personal Trainer.

Offers Strenght Training and prevent injuries, common to activities such as Running, Cycling, Skiing and Triathlon, and occupies only 0,5 m2 of floor space.


Feedback during and after Training - The unique feedback system has been developed in close cooperation with physiotherapists. The member gets instant feedback, which closely simulates feedback from a personal trainer.

The Performance Trainer tracks the members movements using the camera situated below the screen, and the system is operated with gestures, using either hand.

Operation is Simple:

  1. Select an exercise
  2. Perform the exercise with simultaneous feedback
  3. See the results of the training, including specific areas of focus

Optimal Training - After performing an exercise, the user receives a summary of the three most relevant focus areas for optimal improvement of the exercises.

Training Programs - The DigiCorpus Dashboard makes it possible to generate statistics on usage of the machine, and to create Exercise Programs.
Exercises and Updates

Exercises - DigiCorpus Performance Trainer contains more than 250 exercises in the areas of:

  • Activity Exercises
  • Knee Exercises
  • Back Exercises
  • Shoulder Exercises
  • Cardio Exercises

Easy Setup and Continuous Automatic Updates - The Performance Trainer needs only a power outlet, and will update itself continually and automatically with new exercises via the Internet.

Instructions - The illustrated Quick Start Guide is situated on the back of the unit.

Floor Space - occupies only 0,5 m2 of floor space.





For Members

Helps correct the performance of strengthening exercises on the floor, and provides physiotherapeutic training guidance and feedback. Strengthens the body and prevents injuries associated with Running, Cycling, Skiing, and Triathlon.

For Health Club:

Members perform exercises that usually require an instructor or personal trainer - in front of a machine, providing both enhanced service and improved economy.

Exercise instructions are easy to follow, and exercise selection and selecting is quick and simple.

Business Case

Significant economic benefits can be achieved. DigiCorpus’ solutions will both improve the quality, and optimize the quantity, of training. At the same, time human resources can be optimized to better meet user needs.

We help develop concrete business cases for your Health Club of Fitness Center. Our solutions are also available for on-site testing and review. Please contact:


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