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Training with instant feedback - without an instructor

DigiCorpus develops digital training machines, that increase the quality of training both at the gym, and in the members own home, which improves the quality, and management of human resources. The solutions are developed by leading researchers from University of Copenhagen.

Our solutions for Health Clubs are based on our clinically tested systems, used in the rehabilitation sector.


Advantages for Health Club Members

The solutions help correct the performance of strengthening exercises on the floor, and offer physiotherapy exercise instructions and instant feedback. The Health Club member can perform the exercises in the gym, or at home, with direct feedback on the screen - both during, and on completing the exercises.

Our machines help strengthen the body and prevent injuries, common to athletic activities (running, biking, skiing and triathlon, etc.).


Advantages for the Instructor or Personal Trainer

The instructor or personal trainer is able to test members automatically prior to the preparation of training programs. Besides testing, the machines can be used for circuit training and group training.


Advantages for the Health Club - Economic Benefits

Members perform exercises, that would normally require an instructor or personal trainer alongside, in front a machine. This translates as increased service. The machines only occupies max 0.5 m2 floor space, exercise instructions are easy to follow, and exercise selection is quick and simple.


Influence on both Form and Content

DigiCorpus takes responsibility for continuous development and innovation, but the customers input we receive from Experience Group Meetings and other sources, is incorporated systematically.


Contact - Business Case

We help develop concrete business cases for your Health Club or Fitness Center. DigiCorpus solutions are also available for on-site testing and review. Please contact:



Improve Member Loyalty

DigiCorpus solutions provide enhanced service. By ensuring that exercises are performed correctly, the risk of injury is reduced. The systems provide instant feedback at physiotherapeutic quality.


Printing Exercise Program

It is easy to print and hand out training programs to members, saving the expense of other online training databases.

Example of a printed training program


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