The DigiCorpus Clinique Module

For use in Rehabilitation or Activity Centers.

The Clinique Module tracks the user's movements using the camera situated below the screen. The system is operated with gestures, using either hand or by selecting programs on the attached numerical keyboard.


Feedback During and After Exercises - Our unique feedback system has been developed with the input of occupational- and physio-therapists. The user receives instant feedback while performing an exercise, comparable to the feedback from an actual therapist.

Operation is Simple:

  1. The Patient enters a unique user number and gets access to a personalized individual program
  2. The Patient perform the exercise with simultaneous feedback
  3. And sees the result of the training, including specific areas of focus.

Self-Monitoring - On completing an exercise the user receives a summary of the three most relevant focus areas for optimal improvement.

Training Programs - The Therapist makes a specialized individual exercise program for the patient via DigiCorpus Dashboard and is able to monitor generate patient training statistics.
Exercises and Updates

Exercises - DigiCorpus Center Trainer contains over 150 exercises in the areas of:

  • Activity Exercises
  • Knee Exercises
  • Back Exercises
  • Shoulder Exercises
  • Cardio Exercises

Easy Setup and Continous Automatic Updates - The Center Trainer needs only a power outlet, and will update itself continually and automatically with new exercises via the internet.


Contact - Business Cases

We help develop concrete business cases for your municipality, region or state. Our solutions are also available for on-site testing and review. Please contact:







For Personnel

The Therapist is provided tools that enable personalized treatment. Some users can (and prefer to) train in their own homes, at their leisure. Thereby, human resources can be directed toward users with special needs.


For End-Users

Users can perform exercises at home, and in rehabilitation or activity centers, with direct feedback on the screen - both during, and on completing, exercises. This enables a high degree of self-monitoring.

Quick Start Guide

The illustrated Quick-Start-Guide is mounted on the back of the unit.


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