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Training at your own Home, in your own Time

DigiCorpus develops digital tools, that increase the quality of training, both in professional training facilities, and your own home, resulting in increased quality and flexibility.

Our systems meet the highest clinical standards. DigiCorpus has conducted a pilot study in cooperation with University of Copenhagen, which concluded that home training with DigiCorpus Home Trainer can be a good supplement to team-based rehabilitation. 

Our system, offers you flexible rehabilitation, allowing you to maintain your daily routines.


Target Groups

If coming to a rehabilitation center is difficult due to work, school, or a disability, you have the opportunity to train at home - or as a self-trainer, outside normal business hours, provided however, that your Insurance Company or local training center offers DigiCorpus solutions. We address the following areas:

Public Health - You are offered rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, such as knee and hip replacement (alloplastic) surgery, or arthroscopic meniscectomy.

Social Services - You have a chronic condition (COPD, Parkinson's Disease), requirering everyday rehabilitation, or are an elderly patient, who can benefit from performing daily activities.

Employment - You are referred by a reemployment center in order to enhance your general health and labor-market readiness. 


Personal Advantages

You can perform exercises at home, and in the gym or activity center, with direct, instant feedback on the screen - both during, and after exercing. This gives you optimal self-monitoring, and when you need new exercises in your training program, your home equipment is automatically updated via the Internet.


Advantages for your Physiotherapist

DigiCorpus solutions make it easy for your physiotherapist to follow your training via the Internet. You are not monitored, while performing your exercises, but the therapist can see the results of your workout - namely your progress and perceived pain levels. The therapist can give you new exercises, which are automatically downloaded via the internet to your home machine. This frees up therapist time, which can be used instead for individual with special needs.






Train with Feedback

DigiCorpus solutions optimize rehabilitation, and support preventive training for chronic patients. The targeted instant feedback systems improve compliance and training quality.

Our systems are continually updated with new exercises and news.

Leading Danish Municipality

Lejre municipality provides its senior citizens with the basis for a better old age with the Center Trainer, Home Trainer and DashBoard.

Flexible Rehabilitation

DigiCorpus systems provide many potential benefits: End-users in active employment are offered flexible rehabilitation, which enables them to maintain their daily routines.

End-users in sparsely populated areas, with high transportation costs, have the opportunity to perform qualified training in their own home using DigiCorpus Home Trainer, with occupational- and physiotherapeutic feedback, and self-monitoring. To further enhance the user's safety and progress, the training log is monitored by qualified personnel.


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